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More evidence that the sexual revolution was and is a disaster

More peer review evidence that the sexual revolution is destroying its children. It is no wonder that Islam is growing in strength and numbers.

Film review: Europa Report

This film is 3 years old but I’ve just seen it, and it’s central premise and action fits one of the main thrusts of this blog: that we are being constantly bombarded with evolutionist propaganda. A very decent summary is on Wikipedia

Basically, a crew of brave scientists make a long and dangerous journey to the moon Europa, where they find life. The rest is detail. The final voice over/sermon reflects on how the brave scientists sacrificed themselves to prove there was extra terrestrial life, that ‘..the universe was so much more complicated than we thought…’

From a filmic point of view, a very decent effort with dollops of Solaris, Forbidden Planet, 2001 a Space Odessy, Alien and The Blair Witch Project. Very realistic  too. But in the end, the idea that life will be found on other worlds, because life is assumed to appear spontaneously, is the main message. And it’s a lie. Life is only found where it is created. We know that under conditions found on Earth, life can’t create itself, so given materialist assumptions (necessary for a godless world view) life must have self assembled somewhere else.

A very similar set of assumptions lie under the surface of ‘Interstellar’, reviewed her previously. A huge amount of energy is put into sustaining the fiction that, given liquid water and time, life will spontaneously emerge without a Creator. Ask yourself, Why?

Castro dies, the leftists mourn him

Castro killed and tyrannised as an absolute dictator, rather like Pinochet. The response to the 2  tyrants deaths has been rather different. There was a nauseating eulogy to him on Radio 4 this morning from a Guardian journalist ‘Oh there were hardly any executions, and they were Batista supporters, and it was a long time ago…’

Well now the old Stalinist mass murderer has to meet his Maker, to give account. As we all must, come our appointed time.


Science makes another false promise

A headline news story today concerns a 14 year old girl who died of cancer and whose remains have been cryogenically frozen in the vain hope that in the future ‘science’ will be able to bring her back to life and cure her cancer. See here for details.  She said

 “I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up. I want to have this chance.”



The Daily Mirror article said ‘The girl will be frozen in a cryogenic chamber like this until a miracle cure is found’

It won’t happen. Her hope to ‘live again’ is not achievable. There are limits to science. Interesting use of the word ‘miracle’ if its science its not a miracle. Even if what is envisaged is possible, and it isn’t, it is neither affordable nor ethical. C S Lewis discussed the issue of keeping dead bodies, or at least heads, alive after death in his dark but brilliant novel ‘That Hideous Strength’.

Poignantly, at the heart of the story is a legal battle involving the girl’s separated parents. Divorce and separation is a modern epidemic which very obviously sacrifices children’s well being and mental health for parents’ selfish desires.

Did nobody tell this poor child that there was already an offer of eternal life already open to her? Science can’t raise the dead, but God can, and He proved this by raising Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. The free offer  of new life in Jesus, an everlasting life in heaven, cleansed from all our sins and weakness and freed from the presence of all lies and pollution, adopted into God’s family.

Our society’s rejection of the Christian world view in favour of ‘science’ (by which they really mean materialism and that this temporary physical existence is all there is or ever will be) is a delusion.

There is also a useful commentary in the subject here on the Christian Voice site.


Trump election.

Much as I detest Trump, I am enjoying the rage of the liberal left at his election. As with the Brexit vote, they firmly believe that others who take a different view to them are deluded, immoral or both and are all but demanding that the result should be overturned.

Meanwhile, the UK mainstream media says nothing about Hillary’s deals with various sinister organisations including funding jihadists in Syria, or the money laundering slush fund that is the Clinton Foundation.

Hopefully, an end to the conflict in Syria may follow once the Obama administration stops funding jihadis and removes the obstacle of regime change. War with Russia may also now be less likely if Trump proceeds with his less interventionist and more pragmatic approach. We shall see.


Another Mars probe crashes and burns

Yet again, we have been treated to wall to wall coverage of a costly Mars probe, touted as being likely to find ‘life on Mars’. Unfortunately for them, the probe crashed.An illustration released by the European Space Agency (ESA) shows the Schiaparelli EDM lander Well, what’s a £billion? It’s only taxpayers money after all.

I haven’t laughed so hard since the arrogantly named Beagle 2 crashed and burned at Christmas a few years ago.

There is no life on Mars. The reason they keep pushing this line (see various earlier posts) is that the scientists know very well indeed that, given the well observed laws of chemistry, entropy and biology in the conditions  which prevail on Earth, life cannot possibly have formed without a designer. They know this but cannot admit it. So they constantly search for ‘life in space’, with their SETI programme, probes on comets, moons of Saturn, the moon, Mars etc. All the returns so far are nothing more than some simple hydrocarbons which with great swelling words and massive assumptions they describe as ‘the building blocks of life.’

All of this wastes money and skilled manpower which could be better employed for example stopping the desertification of Africa, but no, they continue with their taxpayer funded vanity tower of Babel projects. Life MUST arise naturally, or else there would be God, and that is unthinkable to them.

It has often been said that one simple radio message from a distant star system, something as basic as ‘hello I am a star man’ or an ascending prime number sequence, would be taken as proof positive of intelligent life ‘out there’. However, the level of organised, specified complexity on DNA is millions of times more complicated than any such message, yet is dismissed as not revealing an intelligent designer. There is such a thing as bias in science, and it matters.

More nonsense about origin of life

Again, the BBC carried out an interview with a space scientist which implied that if you have liquid water, organic material and time, then life will emerge. We all know that isn’t true, all the actual scientific observations go the other way, but atheists have to believe it. And they hope by constant repetition to make us all believe it too.


The brilliant Stefan Molyneux’s on Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’

See this long but very important video about the tactics of the cultural Marxists working to destroy Western Civilisation.

Gay Anglican marriage Times letter: let he has eyes to see…

Headline news today, a dozen members of the Church of England, some ordained, have got a letter in the Sunday Times, which I have just read. The contents are predictable, basically will the silly, nasty old fogeys who insist on reading the Bible as if it was the Word of God or something just acknowledge our feelings and go with the flow of history.

A key phrase in the letter is ‘…it is now time to respect that a diversity of theology within the church now exists….’

Yep. Nail. Hit. On. Head.

The Bible has a word for ‘diversity of theology’. Heresy. Whether people like it or not, most books of the New Testament warn against false teachers and false doctrine. If there is a right answer to any given question, then any ‘diversity’ from that answer is error. The  Devil, in whose existence most of these heretics probably disbelieve, has never stopped trying to destroy or disable the Church, using 2 weapons- persecution ( attack from outside) and heresy (sabotage and subversion from inside). Heresy, false teaching, is basically anything that opposes the clear teaching of the Bible. Which the LGBTQI agenda obviously does.

Heresy hunting is no fun, and you will always be criticised as a bigot, narrow minded or ‘literalist’ for doing it, but the obedient Christian is just as obligated to watch out for heresy as he or she is to pray, meet together and give to the poor- it is commanded in Scripture. Our Lord was very clear about this, one reference will do-Matthew 24, where in a long presentation about the signs of the close of the age, Jesus begins by saying ‘take care that nobody deceives you.’ So Tony Campolo’s LGBTQI affirming ‘Red Letter Christians’ can chew on that.

The letter of Jude is also highly relevant here, with the Apostle’s solemn warning about the imperative need to “…strive for the faith that was delivered once and for all to the saints.” Jude also puts beyond doubt that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, amongst other sins, for ‘going after strange flesh’ as if there could be any doubt after Romans 1 and other explicit New Testament condemnations of same sex genital activity.

In the commentary on page 15, the Sunday Times social affairs editor Nicholas Hellen notes ‘For several decades the Church of England has been out of step with the rest of society…’ Again, this is the exact point. The Church of Jesus Christ is the community of believers who have responded to the call of Christ to ‘come out of her and be separate’. We Christians are to be in the world but not of it, penitent pilgrims mourning for our sins as we seek to honour God, not the various gods of this world. The Church is supposed to be calling a sinful world to repentance, not getting in step with the spirit of the age.

Again, its not about ‘Evangelicals and traditionalist’ ( i.e. Bible believing Christians) being ‘obsessed with what people do in their bedrooms’, its about us fearing God more than the bar of public opinion. Which by the way has been heavily manipulated by the sexual revolutionaries who have captured so much of the media, civil service and academy.

What has happened in the C of E is similar to the infiltration of the Labour party by the hard Marxist left. Someone’s happy, but ordinary Labour voters won’t be when their party is smashed at the next election, and if the C of E wants to follow the path trodden by John Shelby Spong’s parish in Newark, with dwindling congregations, let them. I quit 3 years ago.

Justin Welby has had plenty of warning. He needs to compassionately but firmly re-state the plain teaching of the Bible concerning human sexual behaviour and invite people who don’t agree with it to leave. Regardless of the opprobrium he will receive from the sexual revolutionaries, heretics and their fellow travellers. Yes, its nasty and messy, not the issue I would want to go to the stake or lose my job over, but there it is. The devil does not play fair. Matthew 5:11 stands-faithful followers of Christ have always had to endure taunting, exclusion, slander and misrepresentation.

Failure to rise to the challenge of the emotionally driven, Bible-rewriting homoenablers who want to be friends with the sexual revolution and also God will be the end of the Cof E.

Burkini ban-wrong answer to the wrong question

Secularist France has been in the news recently for some local bans of full length swimming costumes called ‘Burkinis’.

See for example this item in the Telegraph  and here in the Guardian .


The only effect of this is to create an increased sense of grievance in the ‘Islamophobia’ merchants. It’s stupid to tell women that they have to expose more flesh in the beach, this sort of thing plays right into the hands of the Imams who tell Muslims not to integrate into the sex-obsessed Western culture. Don’t the French authorities realise how happy these folks are when they are given new reasons to justify their perpetual sense of grievance?

I support a ban on full facial covering-of any kind. This is essentially for security-criminals wear face masks to conceal their identity, it’s not a matter of religion. The fact that i personally detest Islamic clothing is irrelevant, I also detest facial piercings and tattoos but don’t want them banned. I want my liberty, so I have to allow it to others, short of what actually harms me (e.g. robbery, violence, denial of free speech etc)

Fair minded non-Muslims will see a ‘Burkini’ ban as just petty and spiteful, and i tend to agree. More importantly, it is a distraction. The real issue is the deep seated desire of Islam to take over the world, using all means necessary including mass immigration, non integration, a high birth rate and, where necessary, coercion terror and violence. That is the issue. We need t make sure that everybody understands the nature, founding documents, history and goals of Islam. Women’s clothing is a distraction. A ban on full body cover swimwear won’t do anything about the real threats France and Europe face from Islam, and may even feed the problems.

Meanwhile, Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer have been banned from entering Britain because they have told the truth about present day jihadism. (The Geert Wilders ban was overturned on appeal, but he and Spencer like other vocal critics of Islam are still living under guard because of death threats.



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