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More nonsense about origin of life

Again, the BBC carried out an interview with a space scientist which implied that if you have liquid water, organic material and time, then life will emerge. We all know that isn’t true, all the actual scientific observations go the other way, but atheists have to believe it. And they hope by constant repetition to make us all believe it too.


The brilliant Stefan Molyneux’s on Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’

See this long but very important video about the tactics of the cultural Marxists working to destroy Western Civilisation.

Gay Anglican marriage Times letter: let he has eyes to see…

Headline news today, a dozen members of the Church of England, some ordained, have got a letter in the Sunday Times, which I have just read. The contents are predictable, basically will the silly, nasty old fogeys who insist on reading the Bible as if it was the Word of God or something just acknowledge our feelings and go with the flow of history.

A key phrase in the letter is ‘…it is now time to respect that a diversity of theology within the church now exists….’

Yep. Nail. Hit. On. Head.

The Bible has a word for ‘diversity of theology’. Heresy. Whether people like it or not, most books of the New Testament warn against false teachers and false doctrine. If there is a right answer to any given question, then any ‘diversity’ from that answer is error. The  Devil, in whose existence most of these heretics probably disbelieve, has never stopped trying to destroy or disable the Church, using 2 weapons- persecution ( attack from outside) and heresy ( attack from inside). Heresy, false teaching, is basically anything that opposes the clear teaching of the Bible. Which the LGBTQI agenda obviously does.

Heresy hunting is no fun, but the obedient Christian is just as obligated to watch out for heresy as he or she is to pray, meet together and give to the poor- it is commanded in Scripture.

The letter of Jude is highly relevant here, with the Apostle’s solemn warning about the imperative need to “…strive for the faith that was delivered once and for all to the saints.” Jude also puts beyond doubt that Sodom and Gomorrah was destrpyed, amongst other sins, for ‘going after strange flesh’ as if there could be any doubt after Romans 1 and other explicit New Testament condemnations of same sex genital activity.

In the commentary on page 15, the Sunday Times social affairs editor Nicholas Hellen notes ‘For several decades the Church of England has been out of step with the rest of society…’ Again, this is the exact point. The Church of Jesus Christ is the community of believers who have responded to the call of Christ to ‘come out of her and be separate’. We Christians are to be in the world but not of it, penitent pilgrims mourning for our sins as we seek to honour God, not the various gods of this world.

Again, its not about ‘Evangelicals and traditionalist’ ( i.e. Biblebelieving Christians) being ‘obsessed with what people do in their bedrooms’, its about us fearing God more than the bar of public opinion. Which by the way has been heavily manipulated by the sexual revolutionaries who have captured so much of the media, civil service and academy.

What has happened in the C of E is similar to the infiltration of the Labour party by the hard Marxist left. Someone’s happy, but ordinary Labour voters won’t be when their party is smashed at the next election.

Justin Welby has had plenty of warning. He needs to compassionately but firmly re-state the plain teaching of the Bible concerning human sexual behaviour and invite people who don’t agree with it to leave. Regardless of the opprobrium he will receive from the sexual revolutionariet, heretics and their fellow travellers. Yes, its nasty and messy, but there it is.

Failure to grasp this nettle will be the end of the Cof E.

Burkini ban-wrong answer to the wrong question

Secularist France has been in the news recently for some local bans of full length swimming costumes called ‘Burkinis’.

See for example this item in the Telegraph  and here in the Guardian .


The only effect of this is to create an increased sense of grievance in the ‘Islamophobia’ merchants. It’s stupid to tell women that they have to expose more flesh in the beach, this sort of thing plays right into the hands of the Imams who tell Muslims not to integrate into the sex-obsessed Western culture. Don’t the French authorities realise how happy these folks are when they are given new reasons to justify their perpetual sense of grievance?

I support a ban on full facial covering-of any kind. This is essentially for security-criminals wear face masks to conceal their identity, it’s not a matter of religion. The fact that i personally detest Islamic clothing is irrelevant, I also detest facial piercings and tattoos but don’t want them banned. I want my liberty, so I have to allow it to others, short of what actually harms me (e.g. robbery, violence, denial of free speech etc)

Fair minded non-Muslims will see a ‘Burkini’ ban as just petty and spiteful, and i tend to agree. More importantly, it is a distraction. The real issue is the deep seated desire of Islam to take over the world, using all means necessary including mass immigration, non integration, a high birth rate and, where necessary, coercion terror and violence. That is the issue. We need t make sure that everybody understands the nature, founding documents, history and goals of Islam. Women’s clothing is a distraction. A ban on full body cover swimwear won’t do anything about the real threats France and Europe face from Islam, and may even feed the problems.

Meanwhile, Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer have been banned from entering Britain because they have told the truth about present day jihadism. (The Geert Wilders ban was overturned on appeal, but he and Spencer like other vocal critics of Islam are still living under guard because of death threats.



Major CDC study confirms harms of sexual revolution

I don’t WANT to keep blogging about the sexual revolution, but it won’t go away, and I fear that the late Malcolm Muggeridge and Mary Whitehouse were right, it will not end well.

This commentary from a US based organisation is not based on the ramblings of a daft old woman, as Mary Whitehouse was written off for, but a serious piece of research from the prestigious Centre for Disease Control. Various forms of harm including substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and behaviours and unwanted or forced sexual experiences are significantly more common in homo/bisexual students, and least common in the sexually chaste.

It makes grim reading. It has seemed obvious to me for a long time that departure from God’s norms for sexual conduct is unhealthy, this major scientific study strongly confirms that impression. Will the sexual revolutionaries listen? Will the liberal left media report this CDC study? Will government and other institutions stop attacking advocates of traditional sexual values?


The truth about political correctness

The proportion and absolute number of children growing up without a father at home has massively increased as a direct result of the sexual revolution, supported by government policies. This has always been, very obviously, a bad idea, but to say so attracts accusations of bigotry etc.

There is now a ton of properly collected evidence backing up the common sense observation that children should be raised my their mother and their father in a stable home. Fatherless children suffer and fail in all kinds of ways. Click on the link for some evidence.

If we care about child abuse, shouldn’t we be strongly supporting traditional (i.e. Biblical) sexual ethics? Or perhaps seeking personal gratification is a higher goal?

God has abandoned America

A long and difficult sermon from John McArthur, but he nails it. We are doomed, and we chose it.


Promiscuous anal sex on the NHS

A major news story on Radio 4 Today this morning is of a court battle to force UK taxpayers to fund unprotected promiscuous anal sex.

‘Active’ homosexual men want to be able to take a drug called PREP (PRe Exposure Prophylaxis) so that they can bugger away to their hearts’ content without bothering with condoms, yet avoid the predictable outcome for such conduct (1). It will only cost the UK taxpayer £400 per person per month, for life. But, the protagonists say, this is cheap compared to the £380,000 per person per lifetime of keeping AIDS infected people healthy with antiretroviral drugs. ‘We have a right-Just finance it!’

By the way, the above statement (made and not challenged on peak time BBC radio an hour ago) isn’t even true on it’s own terms £4,800 a year for 40 years comes to £192,000. So the cost would only just break even if without PREP 1 out of 2 recipients got AIDS. Lets say there were 100,000 ‘active’ homosexual men eligible, that would come to £480 million a year. That is by far the least cost effective health care intervention I have ever heard of. But I have been following the AIDS/sexual liberationist movement for long enough not to expect truth or perspective from them.

The British taxpayer has no say in this matter, it will be decided by our ruling liberal elite, long dominated by sexual revolutionaries. There was of course no balancing opinion to the government funded AIDS activist on the radio this morning, or any discussion about which other services could be scrapped in order to meet the prodigious bill for this new demand. Perhaps they could stop funding care for people over 80? After all, a lot of them voted for Brexit anyway.

This sort of thing is one of the reasons why Muslims believe that God has mandated them to take over the corrupt and dying West, which they are doing with mass immigration, high birth rates and a total refusal to accept our permissive values. See yesterday’s post about ISIS and click on the link. Conservative Christians like me are only saying we want free speech to be able to criticise the homosexual life style and not to be forced to support it-militant Muslims (including a very high proportion of so-called moderates) want to kill all homosexuals. And they do , when they can. This homicidal hate for homosexuals is well documented and not, as some say, limited to the radical hard liners.

It seems to me that apart from any question of disapproval of promiscuous sex (anal or otherwise) that the people who are demanding a £4,800 a year drug to protect them when they choose to have anonymous, random unprotected sex KNOWING THE COUNTRY IS BANKRUPT AND THE NHS IS ON IT’S KNEES  are, to put it mildly, bloody selfish.


(1) Romans 1:27 ‘In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.’



Why ISIS hates the West

The Labour supporting Daily Mirror has written about the reasons why ISIS hates the West. This is somewhat brave of them, given that the prevailing narrative in the UK MSM is that these people are nothing to do with Islam ‘the religion of peace’. The item can be read in full here. And here is another account from a more conservative source

This is from ISIS’ latest propaganda journal. The first reason they say they hate us is exactly what Christians like me who have actually read the Quran have been saying all along. They hate the West because they hate Christianity. I quote…

1. Because you are disbelievers

“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers; you reject the oneness of Allah – whether you realize it or not – by making partners for Him in worship, you blaspheme against Him, claiming that He has a son, you fabricate lies against His prophets and messengers, and you indulge in all manner of devilish practices.”

So there it is in black and white. As ever, take my word for nothing but check it out. This is what mass murdering Antichrist psychopath Muhammad wrote in the Quran, and it remains mainstream Islam. OF COURSE Muslims living in the West keep quiet about it. They are steadily increasing their numbers until they are strong enough to take over. It’s called taqiyya (lying to infidels to advance the cause of Islam) and hudna (a false truce until Muslims are strong enough to strike and win).

Islam is and always has been utterly-and violently- opposed to Judaism, Christianity, polytheism and atheism. The present statement by ISIS is authentically Muhammadan and represents a return to the values of 7th century Islam. Which they plan to impose on the entire planet.

The article finishes saying ‘”The fact is, even if you were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us, torturing us, vilifying us, and usurping our lands (*), we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam.”

I am more pained at the thought that I could be arrested and charged with ‘hate crime’ and lose my job for posting the above by my own allegedly Christian country’s government than I am that I might be martyred by the age old enemy of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for saying it.

Friends, believe what you like but if you don’t want your grandchildren to live under Sharia law, do some research before you repeat either (A) that ‘all religions are the same’ or (B) ‘it’s only a tiny number of people who have misunderstood Islam.’ Neither of these popular sayings can stand up to even the briefest of researches into the facts of the matter. As ISIS has helpfully reminded us, once again.


(*) I don’t have time or energy to address these lies one by one, except to say that is mainly ISIS doing the bombing, torturing, vilifying and invading.



Islam, the religion of murder, strikes again

Before the body of murdered Normandy priest Jaques Hamel   is even cold, the anti Islamophobia backlash is in full swing as our rulers and other key opinion leaders insist that when 2 men in Muslim dress burst into a Catholic church, shout anti-Christian slogans and slit the throat of a Catholic minister of religion before the altar, it is nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace’.

Well they are wrong. Culpably and dangerously so. And we must tell them at every opportunity.

This sort of thing is not an isolated incident, it is part of a pattern, and it is entirely consistent with the core beliefs of Islam. Don’t take my word for this, get some facts._81657210_81657207

Click these links here for news of Islamic mass murder of Christians in Pakistan   in Libya, Egypt , Iraq and Nigeria.   These were all unprovoked attacks carried out by Muslims, in the name of their religion, praising their deity and shouting the name of their prophet. And it was entirely consistent of them to do so, because the teaching and practice of Muhammad was to intimidate, threaten, invade, enslave, rob, rape and kill those who opposed him. Or whom he just fancied robbing or raping.

Let us be clear about one thing. Whenever Christians of any degree of orthodoxy (*) meet together for worship, they blaspheme Muhammad. This is inevitable, since Christians proclaim that the man Jesus of Nazareth is the Eternal Son of God, the Third Person of The Blessed Trinity. the Holy One, the Saviour and died on the cross and was raised again and ascended to Heaven. There is no form of religion having the most tenuous claim to call itself Christianity that does not affirm all of these doctrines. And this Jesus taught consistently that after Him, false prophets would arise and lead many astray. And then along comes Muhammad, denying every single one of the above core doctrines of Christianity, and raising armies whom he inspired to spread his message by the sword. As they have done ever since whenever they were not constrained by main force.

So, if Jesus was a true prophet, Muhammad was a major league false prophet, a lying impostor and a child of hell. This is the most basic logic. We Christians generally like to keep quiet about this, for fear of (A) causing offence, or (B) getting our throats slit. But it’s there. Muslims understand this if leftists, secularists and liberal Christians don’t.

To summarise, when I meet with my brother and sister Christians in church and declare aloud in our worship that Jesus is God and died for our sins, rose again, ascended to heaven and sat down at God’s right hand,  I am calling Muhammad a liar because he denied all this. And he was a liar, a foul, wicked liar with a tongue set on fire by hell, where he now deservedly resides.

The point is, this ain’t going away folks. Muslims and Christians have at times and places agreed to live peaceably side by side, but whenever Islam has had the upper hand, it has done what it does. And it is struggling to get the upper hand in Europe. There is blood in the water and the sharks are homing in. They smell cowardice and defeatism. Our ancestors thought their civilisation was worth defending and realised that Islam wanted to take over Europe, so they fought those much misrepresented defensive conflicts, the Crusades. If they had not pushed back against Jihad (which preceded the First Crusade by some 400 years) Europe would have been Islamified centuries ago.  Robert Spencer, who writes and speaks about this, lives in guarded secret location in fear of his life, and is barred from entering Britain. His views on the Crusades are well researched, well argued, and banned as politically incorrect. I think that speaks more eloquently that the dhimmi BBC. Time to read some history, although it may already be too late.


Baghdad church massacre (one of many)

(*) I am an ex-Catholic and disagree with many of their core beliefs because they diverge from Biblical teaching. However, much Catholic doctrine is biblical, for example the Triune nature of God and the atoning death of Jesus. There is no perfect church on earth, we all fail in differing degrees. Out of charity and solidarity in the face of the twin threats from militant secularism and Islam I am prepared to call Roman Catholics brother Christians unless proved otherwise



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