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More utter bollocks about evolution and sex

You have to laugh (see Psalm 2) or else you’d cry. The latest bit of evo-prop is to do with idle speculation about how ‘evolution’ produced lesbianism. The research was done in the imagination of the researcher and arrived at politically and culturally approved  conclusions regardless of evidence, thus being absolutely faithful to Uncle Charley’s original ‘..I have no difficulty in imagining...’ method.


>>>Women’s sexuality is far more fluid than mens – and this may be a result of evolutionary design, (evolutionary design?!?!?!-a contradiction in terms SH) according to a new theory.

Evolutionary psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa proposes that sexual fluidity arose in women as a mechanism for ‘reducing conflict and tension among co-wives in polygynous marriages’.

Being sexually fluid would have allowed women to have sex with their co-wives while still successfully reproducing with their husband, the theory suggests, and thus has reproductive benefits.<<<<

Look here for details. also an article in the Daily Mail here

I paste >>>>>>.”…… according to a new theory, this nature of female sexuality might have been necessitated by evolutionary factors. This new theory does not condemn the fact that from the society’s point of view, females are more agreeable on accepting their sexual bend.

According to Dr. Dawn Michael of The Happy Spouse and writer of ‘My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me’, he believes women have the ability of getting attracted to other human being mentally in a much easier manner as compared to men.

He added that a female displaying affection for another woman openly has our society’s approval, which makes the movement from affection to sexual connection easier for women. However, the underlying question is that from where do females get these instincts. The answer lies in evolution.

In an article, recently published in Biological Reviews, Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa asserts that the evolution of flexibility in women’s sexuality occurred to let them indulge in sexual activities with their co-wives in polygynous marriages. This was considered to be important for alleviating disagreement and stress among wives that is natural in such marriages, along with maintaining heterosexual relationships with their husband for successful reproduction. Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health was used by Kanazawa to support the findings.

This theory further discloses the fact that wives were likely to have a more contended polygynous marriage if they were inclined towards lesbian interactions, with improved chances of having a child.”<<<<

Well, that obviously does it for the author. Another addition to the ‘mountains of overwhelming evidence’ that supports the all embracing science of evolution. Or some idle speculation, as you will.

That homosexualism is a deviance from normal behaviour is pretty obvious. The Biblical explanation for it is the same as for fornication and adultery-we humans (all of us, including me) are messed up sexually and in every other way as a result of the Fall. This is not very affirming, in fact, it points to our need to repent and come to the Saviour for new direction and a fresh start. Unwelcome. Just as with a diagnosis of disease requiring radical surgery, denial or searching for inadequate remedies like homeopathy won’t help.

Those who won’t accept this need to search for other explanations. Evolutionism is a very flexible theory, it was designed to be unfalsifiable, does not rest on a sound evidential basis, and can explain everything. To the gullible.

New biological features in evolutionary theory cannot arise because they would be convenient. They can only arise because new genetic material creates itself through mutations. We know that this does not happen. So called ‘Evolutionary psychologists’ are simply making stuff up.

Britain’s last chance for survival?

In just over a month on 23rd June, my country will have what I am convinced will be her FINAL chance to extricate herself from the coils of the EUrosnake. If we listen to the misinformation and downright lies of the BBC, mainstream politicians, one worlders, socialists, corporatists, Islamists, wishful thinkers, cowards and fools and vote Remain, we will be making our last journey down her throat. The reason I am so sure of that can be seen in the recent election of a Muslim human rights lawyer as London Mayor. True, the Tories put up a very poor candidate in Zac Goldsmith (super rich and out of touch) but the key thing is that around half of London’s population are now first or second generation immigrants, so would inevitably have voted for a brown man (*). When you add the benefit claimants who will always vote Labour, and conservative Christians who would find it hard to support David Cameron’s wretched liberal masquerading as conservative party (of whom I am one) you see the result was a foregone conclusion. For the record, if I had a vote in the London mayoral election I would have voted third party or spoiled my ballot paper.

The really big issue about this vote is immigration. I will post a lot more about this later, but basically allowing for undetected illegals and white flight (to Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc) we are absorbing almost a million mostly unskilled, many Muslim, immigrants a year. The more come, the more want to come, and they will all vote Labour and Remain, so the electorate is really being jerrymandered. This was what the hard line international communists like Peter Mandelson (**) always wanted and planned for. So if we don’t vote Leave now, we won’t get another chance.

(*) PS any readers whose offence taking mechanisms are triggered by what I’ve already posted, can shout off to their safe space, no need to read any further. Try listening to Stefan instead, as he mourns the imminent and irrevocable demise of the rights and prosperity our ancestors bequeathed us due to our moral and intellectual torpor and fear of being called ‘racist’.


(**) If you doubt this, do a bit of research, starting with Peter Hitchens’ ‘The Cameron Delusion’. Mandelson was one of many paid up communist party members who changed their affiliation but not their beliefs and pursued their goals through the Labour party. Tony Blair’s inner circle was full of hard line Marxists.


Philosopher and atheist Stefan Molyneux understands, if relatively few white European professing Christians do, that mass immigration of the kind we have been unwillingly enduring over the last 20 years or so will be the certain end of our civilisation as we know it. There are a lot of lies being told about this. Between now and the vote I will be posting about a few of them. This does all fit in with the ideas explored in my novel Darwin’s Adders: A Chronicle of Pagan Britain. One of the plot ideas in the novel is an unholy alliance between socialists and Muslims against Christian civilisation. How curious that atheists like Molyneux are beginning to see this but main stream Christians either can’t or won’t.

Religion causes war, water causes death.


Researching the French wars of religion, and reflecting on their complex causes, I also reflect on other wars of the same eras like the hundred years war and wars of the roses- in which both sides were nominally Catholic.

The following came to me…if the statement ‘Since some wars are caused by religion, so we should get rid of religion to end wars.’ is true, then by the same token ‘Some deaths are caused by drowning, so we should ban water to end death.’ is equally valid.

My researches so far tend me to the view that while religion may sometimes be an excuse for war, the real causes are greed, lust, envy, hatred and indeed a lack of true religion.

Cave paintings, then and now.

On holiday in south of France where there are many ‘stone age’ cave paintings. Our ‘primitive’ ancestors left many like these behind. They show great skill and sensitivity, and excellent observational skills, despite very basic technology.


In a modern day cave, an underground car park at the site of a Roman ampitheatre in Cahors, I saw the following work of art.

imageBecause, you see, we are so much wiser and better than our primitive ancestors…as the evidence so clearly shows…or not, as the case may be. Apart from anything else, the artist here has the bulb of the penis twice the size of a testicle, the exact opposite of what we find in nature.

The great scholar and Christian apologist CS Lewis wrote about ‘chronological snobbery’, the conceit that we are better than our ancestors. Who can guess what our descendants, if any, will think of us?

Ken Livingstone, Socialism and Hitler

The highly intelligent, determined socialist revolutionary Ken Livingstone is in the news again for comment he made about Hitler and the Jews, basically ‘….Hitler was a zionist in favour of Jews going to their own homeland until he went mad and killed 6 million of them.’

He’s clever, and his views on ‘Palestine’ are mainstream left, so I don’t think this will be the end of his political career. Some version of ‘I misspoke/ was misunderstood’ will about cover it. But what interests me is his comment that Hitler ‘went mad’ at a point in time and that this explains his misdeeds.

First, in the materialist world view generally held by hard line socialists like Livingstone and his mate Corbyn, all is matter , our minds are the by products of cosmic accidents, so there is no free will and therefore no good or evil, or moral accountability. Livingstone’ assertion that Hitler ‘went mad’ should be understood in this context.

But Adolph Hitler WAS NOT insane. He acted on his convictions. He had a clear set of goals which derived from principles which he had arrived at by a process of thought. And he did not act alone-how could he have? One individual suffering mental illness ( say bipolar disease or cannabis psychosis) may grab a knife and kill a few before being stopped, but Hitler, like his fellow socialist Stalin, went a little further than that. He, and others, built a movement. Writing German National Socialism off as the work of a madman is a cop out. The reality is far more frightening.

Hitler cannot be written off as a madman. He was a National Socialist acting on a set of convictions. Amongst which was that humanity had evolved by a struggle for survival. He made certain choices and rejected others.

My study copy of Mein Kampf ‘ My Struggle’ is kept in the downstairs toilet library next to that other world changing book with the word ‘struggle’ in the title, Origin of Species: of the survival of favoured races in the struggle for life. Darwinism’s contribution to the National Socialist’s world view is a secret hiding in plain view.

Why the Crusades were right

Serious free thinking from an atheist

Listen to the end if you can. Stefan knew he would get a lot of disapproval for this, and he did. Pray for him if you can.

British Muslims to vote to remain in EU

Quelle surprise. For those outside the UK, the Guardian is widely regarded ads the in-house newsletter of the BBC.

For those who haven’t yet even noticed, let alone worked out, the supportive association between the ideological secularist Left (exemplified by The Guardian) and Islam (which embodies many of the values which the Left most hates about Christianity) Peter Hitchens’ books ‘The Cameron Delusion’ and ‘The Rage Against God’ are illuminating.



More common sense from an atheist

For a philosophical atheist, Stefan Molyneux talks an awful lot of good common sense.


This post-Brussels bombing video is  bit long at 45 minutes but worth listening right to the end. A number of telling points about the tax-theft funded European Welfare State (which as well as sucking in migrants from poorer countries is eugenically depressing average IQ by discouraging high achieving tax payers from having children while encouraging low achiever benefit claimants to have more and have them younger) the post-colonial white guilt that stops us calling a spade a spade, the fundamental incompatibility of Islam and European civilisation and how a mentally comatose and shockingly badly led Europe is running out of time to save herself.

What both encourages and saddens me about Stefan is the extent to which he fails to realise that it is the secularism he advocates which has done this. I think he half knows this but can’t quite admit it. He should read my Kindle novel ‘Darwin’s Adders: A Chronicle of Pagan England 2089’ which addresses a number of these issues. Still, respect.

The Night Manager and Brussels bombing-a dreadful juxtaposition

Like 8 million others, I have been watching The Night Manager on BBC . More on that later. The British establishment involved in Middle East arms dealing, feeding war and oppression. Very believable (look up UK/Saudi arms sales)

9964945-high-_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

And now the disciples of Muhammad have done what they do yet again, in Brussels.


Talking about it on the radio this morning, Michael Buerk asking about security versus liberty, asked ‘should we give up our values?’

We already did. That’s the problem. The one thing the BBC and the rest of the Establishment WILL NOT DO is examine the roots of violence in the Quran. The violent jihadists are the authentic followers of the teaching and example of Muhammed. And the leftists have welcomed them in their millions into Europe with open arms.

Read the Quran. Do not be deceived. A ‘radicalised’ Muslim is one who has read the Quran and taken it as his rule of life. There is absolutely no equivalence with the New Testament and Christianity, which was the basis of all that is good about Europe’s values, and which we have thrown away.


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