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Some of Trump’s opponents make me start to like him a little.

This dripped into my Facebook feed.

Sorry to say that much as I still loathe and fear Trump, the sight and sound of the people he is offending the most, and the hysterical things they are saying against him (as if Hillary was Jesus Christ and he was Satan) is making me warm to him.



Apologies for the vulgarity, but calling someone a ‘fucking wanker’ is very poor English as well as poor logic. And since when did having a small penis (if that’s even true) constitute an argument? The young people in the video, who have apparently been smoking some rather strong cigarettes, use witchcraft style incantations to curse Trump and all the millions who voted for him, in the name of liberty and justice.

Liberals, lefties, one worlders and dope smokers so totally don’t get why millions of fairly mild mannered, decent folks who feel their liberties are under threat from big government, intolerant leftist and mass immigration voted for this unpleasant man.

Trump is also being called anti semitic, when in fact the anti semitism is coming from the secularist Left and from Muslims. Trump in fact is far more pro-Israel than his predecessors as evidenced by his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Basic and obvious errors of fact like this do no favours to his opponents’ credibility.

I did not want to have to say this, but the unreasoning and hate of the anti Trumpists are driving me towards seeing this awful man as some kind of necessary corrective.



Baal and Yahweh united in ‘Radical Inclusion’ theology!

Thanks to Peter Saunders for this link.

‘Radical inclusion’ my fat hairy arse.

There is no polite way of saying this, but the homoenablers are offering the C of E a cup of poison.

It would be suicide to accept it. Or perhaps mercy killing?

No compromise, no surrender, no choice but division

The long running story of the C of E’s misbegotten and futile attempt to pacify the homosexualist lobby grinds (or should that be GRINDRs) on. Am I the only person in the country who is bored to tears but who can also see that to give in to the sexual revolutionaries and crybabies (Ooh! UMM! That’s not very CHRISTIAN… what about LOVE!) would be disastrous. Because they and their friends will never stop until they get what they want, which is basically everything. See earlier post ‘Big Gay will never give up until you give them what they want-your mind).


See for example this reporting from the pro-homosexualist BBC.

Now what it comes down to is, briefly, this

  1. The Bible unequivocally forbids homosexual activity. Anyone who claims that this is in serious doubt is a liar, a fool or both. I have only one thing to say to them-read the Bible and come clean as to whether it is or is not your rule of faith, and act accordingly.
  2. The Church (Roman, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Calvinist, Wesleyan etc) with the exception of a few fringe sects has always and in all places upheld this teaching, until very recently.
  3. Very recently, only in the last few decades, various sections of the visible church has given way to the spirit of our dangerously over-sexualised age, and a few professing Christian thinkers, writers and leaders have decided to ‘think again’ about man on man and woman on woman sex. After all, since fornication, adultery and abortion have been all but normalised, where else is there to go? PS all these people abandoned Biblical Creation a long time ago, which explains a lot.
  4. God fearing believers have listened, thought, gone back to the Scriptures, and found (as if there was any doubt) that sex is still between one man and one woman in faithful lifelong marriage, with reluctant and minimal concessions for the innocent party in divorce.
  5.  and the Christians who have decided to choose Scripture and tradition rather than go with the spirit of this adulterous age are being vilified to the max.

Good result, if you are the enemy of the Church. This is not a battle any of us wanted to fight, but it is where our enemy is attacking, so we must mount a defence or lose by default. The world will of course call Bible Christians all kinds of names-but should we be surprised? No. They want it all, on their terms, and will never be happy until everyone else gives up THEIR rights to please them. Nothing would surprise me less than to discover that many atheist infiltrators are pretending to be ‘gay Christians’.

This isn’t about ‘equality’ this is about destroying the Church of England as a functioning entity. There is plenty of precedent, the homoenabling Episcopalian bishop John Shelby Spong (who also denies the bodily resurrection of Christ and the coming Judgment) oversaw a catastrophic decline in church membership when he ran the show in Newark.



Peter Saunders to whose blog this blog links, has nailed it. The only viable answer now is division. The crybaby bishops whine that the voice of the ‘church queerers’ was not listened to. Bollocks. It was listened to, and more than it should have been, but they were wrong on the facts and they did not get what they asked for, so they cry foul. They are open about their goal to ‘queer the church.’

If the C of E is to maintain any semblance of faithfulness to Scripture and tradition, it must simply say ‘No’. The mistake was to have entered into this futile ‘conversation’ 3 years ago. It is a miserable truth that the real Church has always had to struggle against heresy, read the Acts of the Apostles and Epistles. I hate it, but there it is. We don’t get to choose which particular heresies our enemy will use at any given point in history. C S Lewis wrote brilliantly about this in The Screwtape Letters. Our job is to identify and resist them, in love but without compromise, as the Apostle Jude wrote with much passion. Jude wanted to write about something more elevated, but felt the need to write a letter of warning instead.

If the sexual revolutionaries want to have a religion which embraces the LGBTQ agenda, let them have one. But they aren’t allowed to call it Christianity. There is already a religion called Christianity, and it is incompatible with homosexual practice. There is no UK law against these people having an ‘inclusive’ church of their own. Such ‘churches’ already exist. Why aren’t they happy with this? Because they must have all their own way. Any neutrals might want to reflect on why this tiny minority, who proclaim equality and diversity as the highest values, are insistent on everyone else abandoning their strongly held position and adopting theirs.

Believers will have to choose whether to accept rejection by this sex obsessed, liberal left, emotionally driven society, or to reject the Word of God. Either way, there are consequences.

Not all division is bad, some is inevitable. It is better to be on the right side of a division, even a bitter one, that to be united in error.Jesus said as much, as did other prophets from Moses to Malachi. and as for ‘tolerance’ try reading the words of the risen and ascended Christ in Revelation 2:20-21, where He severely rebukes a church for ‘…tolerating that witch Jezebel’ for leading people into sexual sin. No, read it. Don’t argue with me, argue with Jesus. I won’t be your Judge, He will. let’s say it again, God is intolerant of sin, including (but not limited to) sexual sin. And PLEASE enough already of the ‘I would become a Christian if they weren’t HOMOPHOBIC!!!!’. No, you wouldn’t, if you say that you’re a liar.

All it takes to have a division is a lie, and one or more people who will not stand for it. It is no fun being called a hater and a bigot. Satan knows that. He is not a gentleman, but he is a master of strategy.

Matthew 5:11 “God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers.”

The Christians who are willing to endure insult rather than concede this church-killing heresy did not choose this battle, but dare not refuse it. If the C of E wants to survive as something other than The Guardian and BBC at prayer, a safe space for liberals and heretics, it has some hard decisions to make. I predicted 3 years ago, the process set off by the Pilling Report would end badly. I quit, and am glad to be in membership of a church albeit (like me) imperfect, but

whose head-Christ- and whose rule of faith- His Word- are not in doubt.


Leftist/Islam alliance against the West

Paul Joseph Watson nails it again.



Weeping for Hillary


Alternative facts, fake news and the post-truth culture

With breathtaking arrogance, Donald Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer harangues a press conference for teliing truths Trump didn’t like. The details are readily Googled. There is wide agreement that this was a deplorable start to the Trump presidency. Can’t say we weren’t warned he was a thin skinned narcissistic braggart. However, don’t we all tend to deny facts we find inconvenient or disagreeable? Think about it.img_3891



Should the Church ‘catch up with Society’?

Disgraced Methodist minister Paul Flowers was on the notoriously liberal BBC religious affairs ‘Sunday’ programme this morning. He was in the news after investigation into his role in a £1.5 billion hole in the finances of the Co-op bank revealed he had indulged in extended drug fueled orgies with homosexual prostitutes. He has now, rather belatedly one might think, been ‘ de-frocked’ by the Methodist church.

He had a lot to say in his own defence, mainly ‘I was under a lot of stress and lots of other people use drugs and prostitutes too.’ I want to mention one thing in particular. Mr Flowers complained about the way the Church had not been as accepting as he would like of ‘LGBT people like myself’ and should ‘catch up with Society.’

There is no dispute about the fact that Paul Flowers had random anonymous sex with a large number of men on the Manchester/Salford homosexual club scene over many years, plus the drug misuse. He doesn’t repent of this, but appeared to call on the Church to repent of it’s failure to come into line with ‘Society’.

The Church of Jesus Christ is made up of men and women who have, by God’s grace, faced up to the fact that we are sinners who have failed to live up to God’s righteous standards, sought forgiveness, received Christ, and who seek to live out New Testament teaching. This is hard, not least as, since Jesus affirmed, the world hates authentic Christians. ‘If the world hates you, it’s because they hated Me first.’

The world hates Christians who uphold the Bible’s teaching on sexual conduct. It is typical of the BBC to give a platform to a disgraced ex-minister of religion who sees himself as a martyr to ‘homophobia’. But if the Church, afraid of causing offence, follows a hedonistic, sex-obsessed, Christ-ignoring Society, then what is the point of it?


Political Correctness= Cultural Marxism= death of The West

What political Correctness really means and where it’s heading.


Black lives matter kills blacks

‘The Ferguson Effect’ has led to an increased number of blacks being shot to death by other blacks, notably in Obama’s home city of Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reports that there were 779 reported homicides in 2016 – up from 485 in 2015, the largest increase in over 60 years. The story goes that police are so afraid of being demonised as evil racist murderers if they use their weapons in self defence or law enforcement, that they are allegedly holding back, so effectively empowering criminals. As a result, the criminals ( a very high proportion of whom are black) are using their weapons without restraint. Read about it here. 


That is NOT to say that white against black racism does not exist or that the police never make a wrong decision to shoot, but the terrible Chicago homicide statistics (97% of which are black on black shootings) shows that much of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests were bogus. As ever, take my word for nothing but do some research. Fake MSM news indeed. It doesn’t take much on line research to discover some very nasty people indeed behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots and protests

‘Blame whitey’ is an easy, satisfying but very dangerous game for activists, journalists and politicians to play, as law abiding black citizens are finding to their extreme cost.

Beware Milo-the Dangerous Faggot

One of the more interesting cultural and media phenomena of recent months has been the rise and rise of journalist and provocateur Milo Yiannopolous. Currently on a ‘Dangerous Faggot’ tour of the USA, he is a gay, Trump-supporting libertarian who enjoys ‘triggering’ the ‘snowflakes’ of the Left. A fine example of such triggering can be seen in this video (caution, ugly scenes and bad language).

Now let me be clear, I do not endorse this man or all that he stands for, in fact I haven’t read or heard enough of his thoughts and words to have a serious opinion, but the reaction to him is VERY interesting.


Milo can get away with a certain amount because he is an unashamed, indeed outrageous, practicing homosexual. In response to an accusation of racism, he replied ‘How can I be a racist given the amount of black dick I have had in my mouth?’. However in some ways this may even intensify the hate mainstream liberals feel towards him. They like to think they own ‘oppressed minorities’ and are perhaps unhappy that Milo freely admits what we all know, that being gay is an ADVANTAGE in the present climate. He has been booted off Twitter for ‘hate speech’ and is routinely called all sorts of things from Nazi to embezzler.

In a recent YouTube video, he explains that very many of the homosexuals he knows supported Trump, because they saw Obama and Hillary sucking up to the Muslims for their votes (assuming the gay vote is already in their pocket) even after the Orlando gay night club massacre by an ISIS supporting Muslim. In this video he says things that right wing Christians would not have been allowed to say. pointing out the very simple fact that all religions ARE NOT the same, and that while Christians (including this one) may disapprove of homosexuality we don’t kill them, and that also it is not an extreme fringe of Muslims who want to kill gays, its mainstream Islam. Watch the BBC interviewer leaning into Milo with typical liberal left assumptions and gall, and watch Milo shred his slogans with hard facts and irrefutable logic.

In this video, Milo surprisingly speaks up about the benefits to western society of Christianity and of Catholicism in particular.

He has recently been given a large advance on his book ‘Dangerous’, leading to shockingly anti free-speech attacks from the regressive left, as exemplified by the poisonous anti-Milo comments on this Guardian article.

I will probably post more about Milo as events unfold, and I will be praying for him, for him to find Christ but also to avoid an assassin’s bullet. Remember Dutchman Pym Fortuyn, another homosexual libertarian politician who was killed by a leftist for drawing attention to ugly truths about Islam and mass immigration that spoiled’The Narrative’.

Again, this is NOT an endorsement of Milo or any of his views, he can speak for himself. but the phenomenon is VERY interesting during this season of many people rejecting various aspects of the ruling narrative that our bosses including the BBC and most politicians and mainstream media journalists are feeding us.

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